Thursday, 7 August 2014

Krystal Resort Discusses Games to Prevent Travel Boredom Complaints

When you are going on a trip, Krystal Resort Complaints Management knows that there is going to be a point at which you will have some time on your hands. You may get stuck waiting for your plane at the airport, or you may have some time to pass in the car while you are getting to your destination. While adults may not have a hard time dealing with these waits and have ways to entertain themselves, those traveling with kids know that young people need a bit of help with their entertainment. For long waits with the kids, Krystal Resort Complaints Management offers these fun travel games.

·         20 Questions: This classic guessing game can be a fun one for everyone to engage in. Have each person think of a person, item, or place and the others must ask them yes or no questions to try and guess what the mystery is. If someone can guess within twenty questions, they win!

·         Name that tune: If you’re young travel companions like music, name that the tune is a great game to play. Each person hums or whistles a song and the others in the car try to recognize and guess what that song is. It is even more fun if the group picks categories for each round like TV themes, pop stars, songs from musicals, or oldies.

·         I Spy: This is a fun game for younger kids and will help them learn to recognize things by descriptors. Have each person find something in the area and then describe it to the others who then have to try and spot the same item. 

Friday, 13 December 2013

Krystal Resort Complaints Prevention Group Warns of Rental Car Scams

Krystal Resort complaints prevention group knows that if you have ever rented a car, you might think you know all of the ways that the rental car company will get more money from you. They will not have the cheaper car available or they will charge you for insurance that you don’t need. Mileage charges are another way to increase your bill.

All of these charges are upfront and you have a choice before you accept them. When you are renting a car from an airport they have a much more deceptive method to get your money. Often times you have no choice to accept this cost.

Rental car companies tell their customers to return the car with a full tank of gas. If they do not the rental car company will charge them to fill it up. The price of the gas that the rental car company uses will be much higher than you expect. It can double the average price of gas in the surrounding area.

Krystal Resort complaints prevention group understands that that is only one way that a traveler gets caught by this scam. There will be some people who will want to fill up the tank before they drop the car off at the airport. When they get close to the airport, they look for a gas station. The gas stations at the airport are also charging much higher prices. They know that rental cars provide them with a lot of business. The driver has no time to waste. They have to make a plane flight and pay the price for the gas. It might be legal but the Krystal Resort complaints prevention group still calls it a scam.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Krystal Resort Complaints Prevention Team Covers Why Some Guests Complain about Bills

Krystal Resort Complaints Prevention Team understands that when people stay at a hotel they may be spending a lot of money. They expect to be able to get certain things for their money. The Krystal Resort Complaint team realizes that not every guest is happy and works to resolve any issues that a guest may have. Many of the complaints that a guest has revolve around the bill they receive. The Krystal ResortComplaint team needs to know what type of complaints people have about their bills and how they can makes the guest happy.

·         Hidden fees – The room rate a guest may pay could be a $100. When they get the bill it ends up being considerable higher and they want to know what happened. Hotels frequently add fees for things such as Wi-Fi access, movies in the room and the little snacks and drinks in the room. It would be best if these hotels were listed so that every guest was aware of them, but that does not always happen. The complaint team may be able to remove some of the fees, but they should make it clear that this is a one-time deal for the guest.

·         Taxes – Many cities have special taxes on hotel rooms. This is out of the hotels control, but they can make sure that all guests are aware of these taxes when they check in.

·         Tipping policy – Some hotels do not allow tipping of employees and other hotels expect guests to leave tips. A tip for a guest is optional and cannot be demanded. If it is and the guest complains, they should get their money back.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Krystal Resort Complaints Prevention Department’s Role in Guest Satisfaction

Krystal Resort Complaints Prevention Department has an ultimate goal to make its guests happy. If guests are happy, they will want to return to the hotel or resort at a later date. They will also be more willing to tell others about the experiences they had. If a guest is unhappy, many things can happen. They will probably not want to return and they will most likely tell others about the negative experience they had. The problems that can occur in a hotel or resort are the reasons that the Krystal Resort Complaints Prevention Department is in place. There are many roles that this department plays in the success of a hotel.
·         Training – The obvious role for the prevention department is to stop complaints from happening before they ever happen. Making sure that all of the staff employed by a hotel are properly trained and know how things are supposed to be done accomplishes this goal.
·         Evaluation – The Krystal ResortComplaints Prevention Department also needs to look at the hotel and try to find any problems that could be resolved before they turn into a complaint. It needs to look at the facilities of the hotel as well as the employees themselves and how they are performing their jobs.

·         Fixing – If the department sees a potential problem, it needs to resolve the situation as soon as possible. If that means providing additional training or fixing the facilities of the hotel or resort, it is up to this department to make sure that it is done.

Friday, 9 August 2013

Krystal Resort Complaints Prevention Team Handles Complaints Before They Happen

Krystal Resort complaints prevention team understands that it isn’t fun to deal with a guest that is angry and is yelling at you for something that you had no control over. It gets even worse when your boss reminds you that the customer is always right. There may be times that the customer is wrong, but they still needed to be treated with respect and their complaint needs to be resolved. If you do not want to have to deal with guest complaints, you should become part of the guest complaints reduction team. The role of this team is fairly basic.
The Krystal Resort complaints prevention team is designed to limit the amount of things that the guest can complain about. They can do this in several ways.
·         Being aware – You need to watch for things that can be a potential problem. If you see something that may be a danger to a guest, do something about it. If you ignore things that you see, you will probably end up facing a guest with a complaint sooner than you want.
·         Listen to the complaints. The biggest thing that the team needs to realize is that for every guest that complains, there is probably at least one guest that says nothing. Look at what the complaints of one guest are and make sure that no one else is affected by the same problem.
Krystal Resort complaints prevention team knows that when you take steps to reduce complaints, you will have a positive impact not only on the hotel or resort, but on the way that you feel about your job.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

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